Transhuman Dreams

Look to the way the stars aligned tonight. Do you
Not see our names spelled out in the constellations?
It’s destiny, baby, and it’s tellin’ us to leave this station!

Just turn your thoughts down low, tune out the radio,
And listen for the voice that’s hiding in the static,
With the propensity to make your breath erratic.

A lisp behind red lips resounding in your ears,
That’s destiny. A whisper like a stream with means
To tighten up your jeans, if… yeah, you know what I mean?

Well, it makes my heart swell up, it turns my blood to fuel
And burns it in my chest ’till I can’t contain the heat!
Oh yeah! Tonight I’m Hermes, with rockets at my feet!

So, let’s take off tonight! Let’s leave behind this scene!
Let’s pave the stars ahead into a trail of dreams!

Now, outer space is a real big place, and it’s got something for everybody, see…
There’s space-drinks and space-brawls in space-bars, there’s space-cars and space-chases, there’s pretty and pretty ugly faces on the heads of space-alien races!
There’s space-sports in space-courts, space-ports with space-boats, there’s space-balls and space-bats, there’s space-frogs and space-cats and space-dogs!
You can space-out and take up space! You’ve got your free space, personal space, you’ve got waste of space, and neatly organized space.  And you know you’ve got parking space!
The list goes on and on! And I know you might be thinkin’ I’m just taking words and throwing space at them, but baby, everything is great if you just give it some space!
And I didn’t say that. The Buddha did, I think. And that guy knows everything about being far out!

But, like I said, there’s something for everybody, see…
There’s voluptuous viridian vixens of Venusian descent for me.
For you, there’s many-membered Martian men with heads like an eraser –

This. is the hair-dryer. Please point away the phaser.

Yeah, button up that latex blouse… a button down
And smile like you’re out to break every neck in town!

Zip up your pants real. tight. You make the fabric scream
With your deep-space cool that’s hotter than lazer beams!

Lace up your thigh-high platform boots and sway as if to make
The speed of light slow down and do a double-take!

Well, I’m sorry you don’t think my compliments befit a lady-
No, that helmet don’t look like a fish-bowl, baby-
You know the fish-bowl doesn’t make your head look big-
Your seventies coiffure looks nothing like a wig!

Fine, forget it, but don’t forget your sunglasses.  Lots of UV radiation where we’re going.

Well how is it my fault you were in such a rush to put the fish-bowl on?

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