Enjoy your stay in Willow Creeks!
Population: five-one-six*.

*Based on 1998 census.

That man there is Mister Klaiber,
Good morning! – How you doin’, neighbor?

Our town is small, so when they meet
Each other, passing down the street
The people always smile and say –
Good morning! – Have a pleasant day!
See, we’re all friends in town because
A safer town there never was!
There’s never crime in town, no theft–

Right there’s the diner on the left,
And on the right, between those trees,
That road goes to the factories.

Not far ahead, behind those homes,
Sometimes we’ve concerts in that dome.

The local church meets in that hall,
‘Till reconstruction ends in fall.

The school is just across the street,
And that’s the statue of Joe Cleat,
Our local hero, the night guard
Who single-handedly–

What madness claims the boulevard?!
Why all the bikes left on the street?
I’ll go find out, don’t leave your seats.

You there! Girl! You’re Nancy’s daughter–
Annie, sir-
Tell me, before I call your mother,
What madness brings the boulevard to life?
Why are you kids all out in front of Clive’s?
I told’em, sir! I said you’d disapprove–
Tell me!
…Tiny Tim’s seen the mannakins move.


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